Illinois Cannibus Fingerprinting

Ready to pursue a career in the Illinois cannabis industry?  

TRACE2 Biometrics is a trusted statewide provider of fingerprinting services for Cultivators, Dispensing Agents, Cannabis Transporters, Infusers, Growers, and required support personnel for all applicable Cannabis or Medical Marijuana uses.

TRACE2 Biometrics makes getting fingerprinted for your Medical or Adult-Use Cannabis Agent Identification Card (AIC) quick and convenient.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find Your Nearest TRACE2 Biometrics Location: Schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome!


  2. What to Bring: Valid government-issued photo ID and completed Fingerprint Authorization Form provided by your organization (if required)

We Handle the Rest: Our technicians will capture your fingerprints electronically and securely transmit them to the Illinois State Police the same day. You’ll receive a receipt with your Transaction Control Number (TCN) upon completion.

Results Sent Directly: The Illinois State Police will process your fingerprints and send the results to the agency that requested them.

Keep your receipt! You may need the TCN for your licensing application.

certified fingerprinting provider


Fingerprinting appointments take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Please bring a valid state ID, driver’s license, passport, FOID card, or military ID.

+$2 processing fee for any credit card transactions.


According to the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (P.A. 101-0027) state and federal criminal history, background checks will be required for dispensaries, cultivation, craft cultivation, infusion, and transportation of cannabis. 

  • Medical Cannabis
  • Dispensing Agent
  • Medical Cannabis Cultivation Agent
  • Cannabis Cultivation Centers
  • Cannabis Dispensing Agent
  • Cannabis Craft Growers
  • Cannabis Infuser
  • Cannabis Transporter

Live outside Illinois but want to work in the cannabis industry? TRACE2 Biometrics makes getting fingerprinted for your Medical or Adult-Use Cannabis Agent Identification Card (AIC) easy, even from afar!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download and Print Out-of-State Forms:
  • Visit our website [link to TRACE2 Biometrics Out-of-State Forms Packet] to download a packet with all the necessary forms:
    • Cannabis Fingerprint Authorization Form
    • Identity Verification Certifying Statement
    • Credit Card Payment Form (optional)
    • FBI FD-258 Fingerprint Card (printable version)
  1. Get Fingerprinted:
  • Visit a local law enforcement agency or licensed fingerprint contractor in your state.
  • Have them take two sets of fingerprints on the FBI FD-258 card (or printed form) using the ink and roll process.
  • We also accept electronically captured fingerprints! Just ensure the provider uses the FBI FD-258 format.

Important Notes:

  • Complete the FBI FD-258 Card:
    • Fill out all sections with black ink.
    • Include details like name, address, and physical characteristics.
    • Refer to our website [link to TRACE2 Biometrics Fingerprint Card Guide] for code explanations (sex, eye color, hair color).
    • Leave the ORI and FBI fields blank.
    • Enter the appropriate “Reason Fingerprinted” code (available on our website [link to TRACE2 Biometrics Fingerprint Card Guide]).
    • Do not sign the card beforehand! Both you and the fingerprint agent will sign at the time of service.
  1. Complete Additional Forms:
  • Identity Verification Certifying Statement:

    • Fill out Section 1 (applicant information) only.
    • Leave Section 2 for the fingerprint agent to complete.
    • We (TRACE2 Biometrics) will finish Section 3.
  • Cannabis Fingerprinting/Consent Form:

    • Fill out the entire form.
    • Sign to acknowledge agreement with our data privacy policy.
    • Provide your phone number or email address for communication.
      • Email recipients will receive a receipt with a Transaction Control Number (TCN). Keep this receipt for reference.
  1. Submit Completed Package:
  • Mail the following items to:
    • TRACE2 Biometrics – Illinois Cannabis
    • 6972 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60707
  • Include:
    • Completed FBI Fingerprint Card
    • Completed Cannabis Fingerprinting/Consent Form
    • Completed Identity Verification Certifying Statement
    • Payment (money order, company check, or completed Credit Card Payment Form) – No cash or personal checks!
  1. Payment Options:
  • We accept money orders, company checks, or credit card payments.

Get Started Today!

With TRACE2 Biometrics, getting fingerprinted for your Illinois cannabis career is simple, even from out of state. Visit our website for forms and more information, or contact us with any questions.

Does your dispensary have a train-to-hire program for security guards? Please click here for PERC card fingerprinting.

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