Discloser: IDPH Health Care Worker Fingerprint Background Check

  • Obtain a valid Live Scan Request Form for the Illinois Department of Public Health, from the facility you are applying for a position with.
  • This form must be completed by the facility.
  • Bring the completed form and a valid, government issued, picture ID, (such as a driver’s license, State ID or passport) to Trace2 Biometrics.
  • Please check with your employer to learn if payment is due at time of fingerprinting service.
  • You will be given a computer-generated receipt upon completion of the fingerprinting process.
  • Your results will be sent directly from the Illinois State Police to the Illinois Department of Public Health.
  • The Illinois Department of Public Health will email the results to the facility you were fingerprinted for and update the IDPH Health Care Worker Registry.
Health Care Worker Fingerprint Background Check Process You must first register with IDPH before sending employees for fingerprinting service. Employers must enter all new applicants into the IDPH database prior to being fingerprinted. First, the employer must print off the Disclosure and Authorization form and have the applicant sign and return. The employer can then enter the information from the Disclosure and Authorization form into the IDPH database under the Applicants tab.
  • Once the applicant’s demographic information has been entered and the IDPH data entry process completed the employer will be able to print the Live Scan Request Form. This form is uniquely generated after each applicant entry and is necessary for fingerprinting. The applicant will need to bring this form as well as a valid, government issued I.D. to Trace2 Biometrics LLC. Once the applicant has been fingerprinted, they are given a TCN (transaction control number) printed on the request form (bottom portion of the Live Scan Request Form).
  • Results typically take approximately 24-48 hours to be received by IDPH. Results will NOT be returned to the applicant. The Illinois State Police will update IDPH with the fingerprint results by sending an email (to the email address that is registered with IDPH as the PRA) as well as updating the applicant profile on IDPHnet.com.
Updated: 4/21/2021
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