Choosing a Live Scan Vendor in the Cannabis Industry


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Navigating the Maze: Essential Considerations for Choosing a Live Scan Fingerprinting Vendor in the Cannabis Industry

Imagine this: you’ve just secured your dream job in the booming cannabis industry. Excitement simmers as you envision a fulfilling career, but a crucial hurdle stands in your way – the fingerprinting requirement. For busy decision-makers in cannabis businesses, ensuring a smooth and efficient fingerprinting process for your staff is paramount. However, with a plethora of live scan vendors vying for your attention, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.

Beyond the Basics: Trending Topics Shaping Live Scan Fingerprinting in Cannabis

While traditional considerations like turnaround time and cost are important, several emerging trends are shaping the live scan fingerprinting landscape in the cannabis industry. A forward-thinking vendor will be well-versed in these trends, allowing them to offer a more streamlined and secure experience for your employees.

1. Streamlining the Application Process

The cannabis industry is experiencing rapid growth, leading to a surge in demand for qualified workers. This translates to a need for faster fingerprinting solutions. Look for vendors who partner with businesses to offer on-site fingerprinting services or collaborate with licensing agencies to establish designated fingerprint processing locations.

2. Integration with Licensing Platforms

Gone are the days of mountains of paperwork. Modern live scan vendors integrate seamlessly with cannabis licensing platforms. This allows for a more user-friendly application process, where fingerprint data is electronically transferred directly to the licensing agency, minimizing delays and administrative burdens.

3. Prioritizing Security and Data Privacy

In an industry still evolving legally, data security is of the utmost importance. Choose a vendor that prioritizes robust security protocols to safeguard sensitive fingerprint information. Look for certifications like SOC 2 compliance, which demonstrates a commitment to data security best practices.

4. Accommodating Telehealth and Remote Work

The rise of telehealth and remote work in cannabis necessitates innovative solutions for fingerprinting these employees. A forward-thinking vendor might offer mobile live scan options that can be conducted at a worker’s location. Alternatively, partnerships with local law enforcement agencies that offer fingerprinting services can be explored.

5. Balancing Cost and Accessibility:

Live scan fingerprinting shouldn’t be a financial barrier for potential cannabis workers. Look for vendors who offer cost-effective solutions, particularly for smaller cannabis businesses or entry-level positions. Some vendors might provide flexible pricing models or explore partnerships with the state to offer subsidized fingerprinting services.


Choosing the right live scan fingerprinting vendor for your cannabis business requires a keen eye for detail. By going beyond the basics and considering the emerging trends within the industry, you can ensure a secure, efficient, and accessible fingerprinting experience for your employees. This, in turn, fosters a positive work environment and allows you to focus on what matters most – building a thriving cannabis business.

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