About Us

behind the scenes at TRACE2 Biometrics

What we do

TRACE2 Biometrics delivers reliable Live Scan fingerprinting solutions for individuals and organizations, helping facilitate background checks, licensing procedures, and various legal requirements with speed and accuracy.

Who We serve

Fingerprinting services should be three things: simple, effortless, and affordable. We make this possible for businesses, government agencies, and individuals across Chicagoland.



Ensure that our fingerprinting service maintains a high level of accuracy. Fingerprints rejected due to technician error will be done at no additional cost.

Privacy and Security

Place a strong emphasis on protecting the privacy and security of customers’ personal information and fingerprint data.

Customer Service

Ensure our staff is knowledgeable, approachable, and capable of addressing customer inquiries and concerns promptly and courteously.

Continuous Improvement

We actively evaluate and update our processes, technologies, and training programs to stay ahead of industry advancements and meet evolving customer needs.

Our principles

We rely on four principles to inform how we communicate, share information, and work towards to serve our clients. Together, these principles inform the most valuable technology we possess: culture.

Meet our Founder

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Priscilla Lugo, MHRM

Founder and President

Community involvement

We take pride in actively engaging with and contributing to the local community in meaningful ways.

Trusted Partners

We take pride in collaborating and working with other businesses in the community.

reliable and efficient fingerprinting services for businesses

If you are interested in more information, or setting up an account for your agency or facility, please contact Priscilla Lugo, Account Director, by phone or email.

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